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 Experts in planning, optimizing and designing a professional business website

Website optimization & development


We continuously monitor and improve our clients’ websites to ensure that they perform well and that they provide visitors with what they are looking for, as well as attracting new visitors to increase website traffic. Our methods bring a number of advantages, ensuring that your website supports your business goals, is easy to use and navigate, and most importantly is structured to be marketed in various ways and through various media.

Where appropriate and necessary, we plan the design - or redesign - and development of your business website based on statistical analysis, information architecture principles and your target market user profile.  

Deciding to have a website is easy; achieving an optimized website that really works for you and doesn’t just look good requires proper planning, knowledge and experience.

 What we provide:

•    Website planning and strategy
•    Continuous evaluation of the website structure and navigation to improve user experience and usability
•    User behaviour patterns analysis
•    Performance analysis and monitoring
•    Website uptime monitoring
•    Search engine optimization (SEO)
•    Website search engine and directory submission
•    Competitor analysis
•    Online industry research and analysis
•    Identification of errors, problems and backdrops
•    Request for Proposal (RFP) preparation - for new websites
•    Impartial evaluation of web design firms
•    Website project management
•    Website hosting on our server with a top and award-winning European and US hosting provider
•    Payment Gateway Suport and Setup via our solutions provider EMS
•    Hosting management and support
•    Website analytics and statistics system implementation and/or evaluation
•    Content writing or proofreading to meet search engines’ criteria

Most importantly we provide you with recommendations for improvement of the performance of the website and your marketing campaigns.

Quarterly Reporting and Analysis

All our clients receive quarterly reports with explanation and analysis on website performance, visitor behaviour patterns, website traffic conversions, search engine rankings and positioning, search engine and directory submission, and internet marketing reports with campaigns analysis and details of Return on Investment (ROI) on your internet ads.

Contact us today to discuss the optimization of your website or the development of a new or redesigned website.



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