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Cyprus-based internet business consultants launched their brand new website and it is well worth browsing for anyone interested in maximising the benefits of their own site or boosting their internet presence. Already well-established professionals in their field of expertise, which embraces website design consulting, website planning, website optimization and evaluation, all areas of internet marketing, and website analytics, the company’s knowledge isn’t confined purely to the web. 

They aim to bridge an all-too-common gap within businesses which for one reason or another are unable to allocate appropriate in-house resources to web-related issues. Despite acknowledging the importance of their website regarding impact on profitability, many businesses hold up their hands and freely admit to investing little time or thought into monitoring its performance…..’we know we should, but we’re always short of time, and don’t really know what we’re doing’. removes this worry by providing a complete and professional web environment management solution, working closely with each client to acquire a full understanding of their business objectives, and focusing attention on the development of a comprehensive internet strategy which will yield positive results and move their business forward. 

Research and analysis the key

Central to all activities are their underpinning core values of research and analysis – in fact, describe themselves as an ‘internet strategy development, research and analysis company’. Managing Director Stavros Angelides explained their procedures: 

‘With each of our projects, we invest a lot of time in researching the market sector and investigating both the target audience and competitor sites. Once we have the information we need, we are able to prepare an overall strategy which includes the development of the company’s online corporate image, the aesthetics of the site, improve user experience and vital search engine optimization.
Our research enables us to advise the company from a business perspective, and often encourages some alteration of an existing marketing strategy to accommodate important factors not previously considered. The result is a site that admirably reflects the company and its products, and is capable of attracting a healthy volume of traffic. What’s vital is that after a vigorous start, we maintain the momentum with sound internet marketing techniques, and that we really use the vital information about visitor behaviour that we obtain through our web analytics programme. We can’t under-estimate the value of our research and analysis techniques, which are central to the success of any effective internet strategy.’

If you’re interested in finding out more about and their website consulting services and how the company’s services can benefit you, log onto

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