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Top hosting solution for all clients


The determination of to keep their clients ahead of the internet game has seen the website management specialists recently investing in a new hosting environment to ensure superb site performance.

The company is currently in the process of transferring all clients to its own dedicated server on one of the UK’s fastest, most reliable and award winning hosting providers. The speed of connection, reliability and professional support offered by the new arrangement enhance’s commitment to ensuring their clients receive a full package of website consulting services and benefits designed to optimise online potential.

State-of-the-art data centres

The hosting provider’s impressive state-of-the-art UK data centres house impressive technology, back-up and security systems designed to instil total peace of mind and confidence and ensure that each client’s valuable website investment is complemented by a superior hosting service. An uncontested bandwidth and sophisticated network guarantees 24/7 connectivity at dramatically faster speeds than competitor providers, whilst a team of skilled engineers work round-the-clock to maintain performance levels.’s Managing Director Stavros Angelides confirms that the change to the new server will provide a major advantage for all clients – ‘improving the user experience with great performance and super-fast connection for site visitors is really important…. and our hosting provider’s security features mean that our clients can also feel 100% confident that their site is in the best possible hands.
Our provider's bandwidth is uncontested and aggregated, guaranteeing 24x7 connectivity. Coupled with the most sophisticated network in the UK, the bandwidth is dramatically faster than that of competing ISPs meaning customers get a competitive edge.’

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