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Leading law firm's internet investment


Renowned Cyprus lawyers Phoebus, Christos Clerides, N. Pirilides & Associates recently engaged the services of to create and deliver an ambitious internet strategy designed to re-position the expert lawyers within the increasingly competitive field of corporate and commercial law in Cyprus and beyond.
The project has involved the design and development of a sleek new website  which was launched on 8 September and is a suitably professional showcase for the old-established firm’s wealth of expertise and ethical standards. Keen to portray a more modern image without jeopardising in any way their traditional codes of conduct, the firm felt confident enough to entrust the project to internet consultants, who continue to work closely with them following the site’s successful launch. Their brief was to assess the previous Phoebus, Christos Clerides, N. Pirilides & Associates site, and through a careful process of research and analysis identify areas for improvement which would enhance the organization’s online image and performance. Following this initial consulting period, they managed the entire project development, creating the online strategy, planning the design of the site, and overseeing the usability function, before ensuring full search engine optimization and submission of the completed site to appropriate search engines and online directories for maximum exposure.

The agreement didn’t end there. As website business professionals, the internet consultants are fully committed to the ongoing success and development of sites by skilful use of website analytics software which they tailor to the needs of their clients. Software installed on the lawyers’ new site will detail site visitor behaviour and confirm results of online marketing techniques, vital evidence which professionals at will interpret to make recommendations for improvements. They emphasize that this personalised website analytics service sets them apart from many of their competitors, and stress its importance in ensuring a continued high-profile web presence.


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