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A winning website for AEL FC


AEL FC Limassol, one of the biggest football clubs in Cyprus, launched its new official website  on 12 September …. and it certainly scores! Fans have given the site an overwhelming thumbs-up since its launch, praising the look, ease of use and wealth of information available.
The Club didn’t have to look too far for help when they took the decision to invest in a new site. Limassol-based are professional and highly experienced internet consultants, and were involved in the enterprise from Day 1. Responsible for planning the entire project, their expertise was invaluable in ensuring that all aspects were fully considered during the crucial design and development phase when without expert guidance it would be easy to overlook details which can make a real difference to a website’s success. Following the initial consulting period, worked closely with the design and development team to ensure that the brief was fulfilled and that the end-product would be aesthetically pleasing and achieve its usability goals. Between them, they’ve certainly succeeded. The team’s colours are cleverly reflected throughout the site, which boasts all the latest web technology elements including a multimedia section giving access to video clips of memorable moments, and a supporters’ forum which is already proving popular with the club’s fans.

As internet business consultants,'s knowledge isn’t confined purely to the web. In establishing the design for the new site, they encouraged AEL to look closely at its entire business model, helping redefine and establish priorities and objectives to take the club successfully forward. The internet strategy they put together for the club sees them implementing a carefully prepared marketing plan to effectively promote the site both to club followers and potential advertisers, alongside monitoring the site’s performance by detailed analysis of visitor statistics. The information gleaned will enable them to make the necessary recommendations for further site improvements to meet the expectations of the club and its supporters ….. and to keep  truly in a ‘league’ of its own!

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