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FinancialMirror.TV leads the way


The 14th of July sees an important step forward for long-established leading Cyprus business newspaper, Financial Mirror. The launch of its eagerly-awaited new website brings with it exciting and attractive innovations designed to invite interest and repeat visits from the business community both locally and overseas. The site aims to deliver instant, up-to-date, well-presented financial market and business information in a unique way, encouraging visitors to use the site as a constant and natural resource during the working day and beyond.

A preview of the site shows that it features all the expected content… a lot more.  Current Cyprus and World News, Business and Finance News and Technology News is supported by interesting, informative and thought-provoking articles by specialists in the fields of the Money Market, Global Markets, Property and E-Business. The Jobs section is already attracting interest from advertisers keen to gain maximum online exposure to the business community to assist in their recruitment process. But far and away its most exciting offering is FinancialMirror.TV, the first online financial TV facility in Cyprus and one of only very few worldwide. Providing well-presented daily analysis of the markets, it gives an excellent and informative, instantly accessible snapshot of the important financial news. It’s enhanced by an impressive archived video portfolio encompassing the areas of Investment, Property and Technology – and for lighter moments, Entertainment. The result is an absolute wealth of ‘watchable’ in-depth information at the click of a mouse, and this is further supported by an excellent search facility giving access to full and detailed information about Cyprus and its investment opportunities. All in all, the site provides an engrossing and comprehensive information and resource facility for anyone with an interest in the money markets and business in general.

Project overseen by

Instrumental in the development of the site have been, who were involved from the very early stages of the project in September 2007, contributing to the design of the brand and the corporate identity and helping make strategic decisions on the development of the business model.  They managed the project development of the website and were instrumental in the design of the online strategy, the planning of the site design and the usability function. Equally important was their involvement in the development of the back-end database and scripting language, and their provision of full instructions and guidance to the programme developers for implementing an easy-to-use content management system. This ensures speedy and efficient updating of site content, enabling to meet their aim of delivering current and breaking news promptly and effectively. Most significant of all has been the contribution of to the set-up of the structure of both the hardware and software for FinancialMirror.TV, which has ensured this particularly ambitious part of the project has been successfully implemented.

Fully in charge of the migration process to a dedicated server environment, and for selection of the appropriate hosting provider, has ensured a smooth and trouble-free launch for the site and for the additional mobile version. The company’s management involvement continues with the provision of trouble-shooting support, traffic and user behaviour analysis, internet strategy consulting and internet marketing management services.

Managing Director Stavros Angelides confirmed the company’s ongoing involvement with the Financial Mirror project and added ‘we are pleased to have been so heavily involved in the planning and launch of this high-quality Cyprus business newspaper website, and look forward to furthering our work with Financial Mirror to ensure that the site continues to meet and exceed all user expectations.’

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